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Hottie Playing Hookie

Featuring: Nikki Rayne and A.J.
Date: March 14th, 2021
Duration: 20:34
"Truancy officers are a joke. They're playthings more than figures of authority. This guy was just like all the rest. He picked me up and tried to take me back to school, but the second I hinted at fucking, he was singing a different tune. How do they even keep their jobs when they let girls like me get away with skipping just because we fuck them? I guess they must bring enough ugly girls back to school to meet their quota. Anyway, this guy was something else. Usually the truancy officer will wait 'til we get back to a house to start fooling around, but he let me suck his cock right there in the car. It was nice and big and juicy. I could tell it was going to feel good in my pussy. When we got back to his place I sucked him some more so he'd be nice and hard to fuck me.

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