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Teenage Cock Vacuum

Featuring: Brooke Jean and Scott Michael
Date: September 11th, 2018
Duration: 20:57
"When I call my man to come pick me up he knows better than to leave me waiting. That's because he knows I want to suck his dick and fuck. And he'd have to be gay to say no to that. He knows that whenever he picks me up while I'm skipping there's only one thing I want to do. It's pretty hot because he's on his lunch break, too. Not many guys get to get their dick wet on their hour-long lunch break, especially with a hot, 18-year-old girl like me.".

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December 04, 2017
Wow Brooke Jean looks hot!!! Great pics, great position , facial & comshot!!! Bring Brook back for hardcore with Jimmy Dix !!! Bring Brook back!!! Love to see her in threesome and gangbang too!!!

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